How often do you need to get a fill?

I hear this question all the time from my clients :”when should I get a fill?” Using different products like gel or acrylics to strengthen the natural nail plate or build an extension you’ll need a fill every two weeks. It definitely differs for every person, but as the rule of thumb, the fill gets done every 2 weeks. There are a few things play into this which determine if you need it done faster or you can go longer. It depends on how fast your nails grow, how active your sebaceous glands are(the glands that produce oil) meaning how oily your natural nail plate gets, how well your previous enhancements were done and sealed. It applies to all kinds of enhancements including gel polish, builder gel, acrylics, polygel or dip system. Especially noticeable it’ll be if you choose to use bright colors, as it grows out you’ll be able to see the outgrowth at your cuticle area. As on the other hand if you do french design or you choose lighter color, the growth won’t be that visible and you can wear them longer in between fills. I’d like to mention that constant fills will NOT damage your nails if they’re done correctly. Never let your nail tech drill your natural nail plate, only the enhancements. If some residue of the enhancements was left over after drilling, they need to use soft grit file (180 grit) to file the rest of the product off. Don’t just let anybody touch your nails, do your research and always trust a true beauty professional who cares.

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