How to choose which product to use for your nail enhancements ?

As you already know there are quite a few options available today for you to choose. Among them are acrylics,builder gel, polygel ( a hybrid between acrylics and builder gel), dip system ( acrylic powder and glue). Let’s break down the details and find out which one fits you the best. Acrylics, I believe is the strongest of them all. It consists of polymer(powder) and monomer (liquid). To get a mixture you need an equal ratio of both. Acrylics have no adverse effects to your nails ,actually they create a good protective base layer for your natural nail plate. If you’re hard on your nails and like to wear them long… you’ll probably benefit from acrylics. Builder gel is a different beast. This product is also strong,but definitely has more movement to it which makes it a more flexible, lighter not as strong as acrylics , but still a great product. It doesn’t cure on it’s own, it actually needs an LED/UV lamp to cure. It’s good if you wear your nails short and natural looking and you are not doing strenuous activities. Polygel has a characteristics of both polymer and builder gel. It’s also a strong product, but more pliable than acrylics. It also has to be cured in the LED/UV lamp. Even though polygel lays thin, it still creates a strong base . It can also be used to build the extension of your natural nail. No damage has been observed using this product. The last,but not least process is a dip system. This technique requires polymer(acrylic powder) and a special glue. Glue is very dehydrating for your natural nail and can cause dryness and brittleness. None of these techniques cause actual damage to your natural nail plate. Some of the products will work better for some people. A complimentary consultation is available at my salon to fully customize my clients experience and choose the nail service to fit you best! Unfortunately most discounted nail salon techs don’t take their time to correctly apply/take off enhancements which results in damaged nails. They also do not educate their clients on how to take proper care of their natural nails, keeping them healthy and hydrated at all times. At Hair & Nails by Anastasiya you’ll get all my attention and the best nail care available!

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