What are encapsulated nails aka “aquarium” nail design?

There is a wide variety of nail designs to choose from, but today I’d like to talk about this particular design that I find absolutely unique and custmizable available exclusively at Hair & Nails by Anastasiya. The core idea of my business is to help people look and feel beautiful with extra attention. I don’t believe in cookie cutter nails or hair, that’s why I customize every service to every client. With the help of encapsulation, I can create amazingly unique and breathtaking designs that only my clients will have. You are probably ready to finally find out what are “aquarium “ nails? With the help of sparkles, different color acrylics, acrylic paints, stones, colorful foils and much more, you start to lay out your picture on a thin layer of acrylics. You can do that on already existing nails or build them from scratch. There are a lot of different combinations, colors and ideas take place in this beautiful and unique process. The only limit is your imagination! They differ a lot, you can encapsulate just a few sparkles and keep it simple or you can go all in with foils, paints, impress pigments…there’s no ending to this technique. Every nail is different, every set is unique. I have many clients I perform this service on, but in most nail salons it’s not an often request as it involves a lot of custom work. It can get expensive depending on the complexity of the design, products used and time spent. I believe it’s worth it if you want one of a kind look. If you’re interested in creating something special, unique, exquisite and fully personalized give me a call @ 6022992567 and I’ll make it happen for you. Fully customized boutique salon.

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