Why would you choose Hair & Nails by Anastasiya over competition ?

Why choose Anastasiya as your personal beautician? At my private and cozy salon inside Sola Salon Studios in Scottsdale, I offer multiple customized services including hair services, nail care and facial waxing. The most important part of my business is to satisfy my clients’ needs and bring their vision to life with my expertise, knowledge, experience and enormous desire to help and make people happy!To do this the best way for my clients, I use only professional products, keep educating and improving my professional skills , provide a thorough consultation with each and every client, while listening to their needs and wishes. There are no other people in my salon, but You and Me. In this relaxing and private atmosphere, you can truly enjoy the real spa experience with all my attention to You, because you deserve it. I’m a perfectionist and my client is my priority at all times! I only do custom work as I believe in uniqueness and individuality. You’re definitely in the right place and in good hands. My almost 200 five stars reviews on Google showcase exactly that and my passion to this industry. There’s a lot of competition out there and you’re probably overwhelmed with choices. That’s why you can read my reviews, check out my website to see all the amazing creations I’ve done over the years with love, passion and personal touch to know exactly who you let to beautify your world. I always treat my amazing clients the way I’d like to be treated. It is my motto and my life outlook. I believe in quality , that’s why I make sure to do my best ever time I get a client in my chair. It is always a great, exciting and fully personalized experience as we share our energy and vibe and enjoy each other’s company. It’s all about the experience and I make sure to give my clients the BEST!

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