What strength of developer should be used to prelighten (bleach )your hair?

I’d like to share my expertise  on this very interesting and important topic. Hair is a living tissue like anything else in your body. It needs to be dealt with care and attention. Blonde has been so popular that people came up with different blonde techniques like highlighting, ombré, balayage, somber and foliage technique. The looks are beautiful and also dangerous if you neglect a thorough consultation before applying bleach. Hair can be of a different texture and thickness, which will determine the level of developer you’re going to use (10,20,30 or 40). The higher developer helps to speed up the process of prelightening, higher the developer quicker the process. It doesn’t make your hair blonder though just speeds up the reaction. If you are going with a higher developer and doing a few clients at once, you tend to misjudge the processing time which can cause hair damage and breakage. The safe rule of thumb is go low and slow to ensure hairs health and integrity. On the other hand a lot of stylists knowing the negative consequences of bleach tend to go too low and apply a lower developer which results in orange undertones and under processing . The knowledge and experience play an important part in successful outcome of most prelightening hair processes. If you are out of school or didn’t get to do many of them, keep practicing, trust yourself, try to get as much education as possible and deliver 100%At Hair and Nails by Anastasiya I take these type of services very serious. I undergo a thorough consultation with my client to find out of previous colors and other chemical services applied to their hair, the outcome look and ensure to preserve the integrity of the hair. I’ll also advise on proper products for home aftercare to keep your hair healthy, hydrated and looking shiny.Book your personalized appointment online today atwww.hairandnailsbyanastasiya.com

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