What happens to your nails when you have them done at a “discounted” salon? Is it worth risking the health of your nails?

Today I’d like to expand on a very interesting and at the same time very important topic. Why I chose this particular issue is because a lot of people don’t think about the potential negative consequences when they go to get their nails done.
The whole nail service industry has been adopted by discounted salons, where the price is relatively reasonable and the service is ok. And yes when you look at your nails after they’ve been done, they do look ok, but what’s going on underneath that “ok”?
Are your nails healthy? Have they been taking care of to the best of nailtech’s ability, knowledge and experience? Is there an aftercare?
Unfortunately, you’ll never get the questions and/or the answers as it’s not the part of the customer service and the whole nail industry at “discounted “salons. At these places you’ll only get the quantity, but never the quality!
I know on my own experience, before I became a nail professional and started doing my own nails, I used to go to “discounted “salons for nail services. Id like to share my experience with you. Every time I had my nails done, they would hurt badly like somebody had hit them with a hammer. It was so painful and debilitating, but I had no idea why. Today I do! At the “discounted” salons, they file too much of the natural nail plate with a drill and soak your nails in acetone for 10 min which results in thin and brittle nails. I could never see the names of the brands they were using on me, just a clear jar and no name. It makes me believe the products weren’t professional so they had to file to much to make sure the products adhere. As the result your nails undergo damage, dryness and brittleness.
At my salon I offer multiple nail services. Quality is my priority! I ensure my products to be professional, providing exceptional customer service and educational information on post care for my clients.

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