Ways to strengthen natural nails

Our natural beauty is the most expensive accessory we’ve got! Today I’d like to share some interesting and useful tips for taking care and keeping your natural nails strong, healthy and beautiful. Even if you wear enhancements whether it’s gel or acrylics, you can still hydrate your natural nails and preserve their health. Remember: the problem is NOT in acrylics, but in a nail tech who files the life out of your natural nails. Do your research, look for quality instead of quantity.

Let’s get back to the natural ways to keep your nails healthy.

Are you suffering from split nails? If your nails are splitting it could be because of calcium deficiency. Add calcium reach foods to your diet or try a supplement. Adding more essential fatty acid can also help brittle nails. For example take 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil daily. Another very interesting fact is about water. Drinking water equals good hydration . Water on your hands equals drying for your nails and cuticles. It sounds backwards, but especially if your skin is already dry, exposing it to water will dry it out even more.

Another great way to keep your skin and your nails healthy is lay heavy on moisturizing. Make sure to apply cuticle oil and massage it into your cuticles and your nail plate at least three times a day, apply a hydrating hand cream or lotion to help your body absorb the oil and serve as a double hydration, keep massaging the oil and cream till it’s fully absorbed. Make it as a routine and you will see amazing results.

Being a beauty professional I do get a lot of hands going through and my clients like to ask different questions and one of them that comes up pretty often is why they have white spots in their nails. Let’s dissect it a little more. White spots in your nails can be a sign that you are deficient in zinc. Up your intake of nuts, root vegetables and shellfish to get more of the mineral. The last but not least topic I would like to touch on today is nail fungus. It’s pretty nasty but unfortunately we see it more often than we would like to. A great natural remedy to get rid of nail fungus is Teatree oil. Apply 1 to 2 drops of tea tree oil daily to fight nail infections. You can always use a carrier oil (olive, jojoba, coconut) for milder results as it’s very strong. I hope you find these amazing , useful, natural ways helpful! Keep taking care of your natural and it’ll take care of you!

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