What’s SNS ( Signature Nail System)?

 Is it better than other enhancements (gels,builder gels,acrylics)?

I’ve been hearing people raving about SNS…”its so good for my nails…it’s a healthy gel…it makes my nails healthy…etc.”

I’d like to clear up a few things about it and bring the truth to you, my friends. 

Firstly, if it’s a powder it can ONLY be acrylic. Gel doesn’t come in powder form (liquid only). Acrylics consist of monomer (liquid) and polymer (powder) which is SNS (acrylic powder)!

Secondly, it’s not better or worth for your nails. No matter what product you use, it’s safe for your nails. The nail tech who damages the nail plate does. The enhancements give a sturdy base for your nails till they get healthy and strong again after being damaged…sometimes for years. It’s not a miracle. The nails have to be taken care of for at least a few months before you can see results.Moisturizing and conditioning will bring them back to life in most cases. It takes time and dedication to make them feel and look better. 

Thirdly, the powder doesn’t contain vitamin E and calcium,but the oil applied after does in a very small amount.

There’s less than 0.001% Calcium and it’s in the glue that is pasted on.    

The vitamin E (and a little calcium) is in the oil used after service AND is only 0.001%    

There’s nothing really healthy is in SNS based on my knowledge and research . It’s the same acrylic powder just a different way of application!

The truth has been finally uncovered!

I hope it’ll help lots of people to be able to make the right choice and not to be foolish around by innovations.

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