Is excessive filing dangerous for natural nails?

Excessive filing of the nails leaves the natural nail bed thin and weak, and NOT a good platform for enhancements. If the nails have been filed down too thin, the enhancements will not bond well to the natural nail and lifting can occur. When the nail is strong and hydrated , it is much more flexible and allows the enhancement product to bend more. When flexed excessively, enhancements can get small hairline fractures that lead to breakage and tiny cracks that can get bigger over time. Very thin nails can also allow enhancement products to possibly seep through the nail plate and onto the nail bed causing allergic reactions. Another concern with over-filing is that onycholysis can occur — where the nail plate separates from the nail bed. Once this occurs, the space in the nail plate and nail bed becomes extremely susceptible to infection. At Hair & Nails by Anastasiya, I will share my custom double hydration nail technique. It’ll keep your nails healthy and hydrated. No excessive filing, hand filing technique is my choice, because keeping the integrity of my clients’ natural nails is my priority. Always trust a true Beauty Professional who Cares!

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