How to take care of prelightened (bleached) hair?

Today I’d like to talk about these luscious, beautiful blonde locks everybody is after. Definitely all shades and tones of blonde starting from caramel highlights to platinum blonde all over have been popular and very welcomed by millions of people all over the world. Looking at the pictures online make us believe that it is such an easy process and hair looks healthy and vibrant by itself. Unfortunately it’s one of many misconceptions humanity has.
To start off, prelightening your hair is a very harsh chemical procedure. It’s definitely more damaging going from dark brown/ black to light/platinum blonde. That is where hair gets its most beating. It’s a stressful process for both your client and your stylist. A very detailed consultation is a must. It’ll help the stylist to come up with a customized and healthy as possible approach specifically for their clients hair condition.
When prelightened process was done at the salon( the healthiest way possible to keep your hair from damage. I do not recommend doing it at home), you’re ready to head out, don’t forget to take home ALL needed hair treatments to keep your hair from breakage. Aftercare is SUPER important…don’t neglect this. The chemical process involved in prelightening involves blowing up the cuticle and getting deep into the cortex to strip your natural hair color(melanin) which makes your hair dark. Unfortunately this process involves breaking down of the proteins, building blocks of hair ( keratin) and dehydration of the hair strand. While the cuticle is still blown , your hair will keep losing moisture which results in dryness and breakage of you hair.
Always do an extensive research before going all in with your hair. Google the hair salons and stylists in your area, read the reviews and testimonials. Only after you’re done with the research, make a decision that suits you the best. Do not rush!
To sum it all up I’d like to stress out to you, don’t forget to take care of your own hair at all times, especially after the chemical processes.
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